If you are in a quandary whether to repair or replace your AC, you first need to consider the age of your system. According to HVAC technicians, you can decide on a repair or replacement by taking the age of a unit and multiplying it by the amount of a repair. If the answer exceeds $5,000, then you normally need to replace your system.

How to Make a Reasonable Decision

For instance, you may have a repair that is $400 and your unit is 10 years old. In this case, the total equals $4,000 so it is okay to go ahead with a repair. However, if AC contractors in Waldorf, MD have informed you that your repair is $500 on a 10-year-old system, you should think about replacement. By using this “$5,000 rule,” you can make it a whole lot easier to make a decision.

Is Your Current System Energy-Efficient?

Waldorf, MD AC contractors also state that energy efficiency is important. Recent innovations in AC technology have improved energy efficiency. That is why energy advocates advise upgrading your central air conditioner if it is at least 10 years old. So, if you believe your energy costs could be less and your system is older, you need to strongly consider replacement.

Does Your AC Have a Leak?

In addition, AC contractors admit that a refrigerant leak can get expensive. For instance, repairing a leak by adding refrigerant and replacing the compressor can end up costing the same as buying a new lower-end unit.

In the interim, R-22 (Freon) costs continue to soar due to the EPA’s phase-out of the coolant. While air conditioner manufacturers stopped making R-22-charged units in 2010, the production of R-22 itself will conclude in 2020.

Schedule an Inspection

AC contractors also suggest that homeowners replace their ACs if they require continual repairs. In order to measure the condition of your existing air conditioner, you need to schedule an inspection with an HVAC company. That way, you can make an even better decision on whether replacement is right for you.

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