Those who need to lose a significant amount of weight for health reasons have a couple different options. It’s hard to lose a lot of weight on your own, but weight-loss surgery is expensive, invasive, and only available to those who are very obese. One other option that can be helpful is medical weight loss. This involves following a Diet Program in Louisville KY that is offered through a doctor’s office. There are a number of benefits to this type of program.

Faster Weight Loss

When involved in a medically supervised weight-loss program, a person can eat fewer calories and thus lose weight more quickly. Without being under the supervision of a doctor, it isn’t advisable to go below 1,200 calories per day, as it takes specially designed foods and supplements to be able to meet nutrient needs below this level. The supervision also means the diet can be adjusted as you lose weight so it is always nutritionally balanced.

Suitable for Those With Pre-existing Conditions

Another advantage to opting for a medically supervised Diet Program in Louisville KY is that the diet will be tailored to be suitable given any health conditions you have, and these health conditions will be closely monitored to make sure they get better and not worse while following the diet. Any medications can be adjusted as you lose weight, as many medication dosages are best on weight.

More Diet Aids Available

These programs will also provide you with prescription medications and supplements, such as those that boost metabolism or suppress the appetite, to make it even easier to lose weight. Just keep in mind that, if you choose to use these supplements and medications, there may be side effects. Make sure that you’re clear on what these are before agreeing to take the diet aid.

Cost Considerations

The main drawback to these programs is that they’re not always covered by health insurance, and they can be expensive.

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