Studies have shown that the water delivered to certain homes contain dangerous levels of lead. The lead pipes used in conveying water contaminate it thereby making it unsafe for consumption. Such water is especially dangerous for young children and babies as it can lead to brain development problems.

Homeowners are advised to undertake regular maintenance of their plumbing system to prevent their water from being contaminated. For individuals who live in older homes, this is particularly important especially in cases, where the pipes have not been changed for some time. Some homes still make use of older pipes whose deterioration will result in contamination of the piped water. The following are some benefits of Pipe Replacement in Ft Washington MD.

Replacing Pipes made from Galvanised Steel

Buildings constructed before the 1960’s will likely use pipes made of galvanized steel. Some of the owners of such buildings will have undertaken the removal of these pipes and installation of plastic or copper ones; however, quite a few of these buildings still make use of these steel pipes. Pipes made from galvanized steel are easily corroded and plugged up resulting in a reduction of the water pressure. It is important that building owners undertake the replacement of such pipes to prevent contamination.

Replacement of Lead Pipes

The contamination of drinking water by lead can lead to lead poisoning, and if such water is consumed by children or babies, it could cause abnormal brain development. Homeowners whose homes use lead pipes should immediately replace them even if they are not damaged. Most homes constructed in the 1990s use lead pipes, and since these pipes are durable, they are still in use today. Individuals whose homes still make use of lead piping should engage professional plumbing services to replace their piping system.


Due to prolonged usage, low-quality materials, or the growth of tree roots around a building’s foundation, some piping systems become damaged and require repair or replacement. Apart from reduced pressure, a leaking pipe could allow the entry of substances and chemicals into the water stream. Since some of these substances may be contaminants, homeowners should undertake pipe replacement when their piping system is leaking or damaged.

Owners of buildings who still make use of old pipes or whose piping system is damaged should contact us today for expert Pipe Replacement in Ft Washington MD. For more information and to make inquiries about the services, visit the website.

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