Today, more than ever, aftermarket parts for all types of weapons are readily available online. This means there are more choices for gun owners looking for aftermarket parts to customize their AR15, but it also means there are a lot of different levels of quality out there as well.

One of the big challenges in choosing AR15 parts online is in knowing the quality of the parts you will receive. Gun owners that have purchased from online auction sites, local online ads or even from discount e-commerce sporting goods stores often find the parts that arrive are poor quality, don’t fit the weapon properly and are simply not worthwhile putting on the gun.

To avoid these issues, here are some important factors to consider when buying any type of aftermarket parts for your weapon online.

American-Based Company

For quality AR15 parts, look for an American-based company not just as a distributor but also as a manufacturer of the parts. Many of these companies have distributors throughout the states, which will allow gun owners to see the part and pick it up at their local gun shop or sporting goods outlet.
These companies may also offer direct sales to consumers through their website. This is an ideal option to speed up the ordering and delivery process as it skips the need to go through the distributor.

Experience in the Industry

Aftermarket companies that have been manufacturing AR15 parts for a significant amount of time are always a good option. These companies have proven products that offer the quality of craftsmanship, the durability, and the dependability that gun owners are looking for.

Return Policy

When buying online, always take the time to read the company’s warranty and return policies. This will give you the information needed should you need to return the part.

Look for companies that provide customer support prior to the sale. This allows the gun owner to call in to confirm the part he or she is considering is the right one for their specific gun.

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