When you shred any of your organization’s secret data, you are protecting your employees, your customers and you will be saving space in your office. Even documents known as sensitive information must be kept separate from prying eyes. Office paper shredders in Charleston, SC, are essential purchases for every organization.

Keeping Documents by Law

The law dictates the list of documents that you must keep for a specific term. These may be related to your employee’s payroll records, sales and any customer data, such as credit card information. Although many of these records may be scanned and kept in the cloud, many office organizations insist on keeping paper documents.

The law places a duty on organizations to keep personal and customer information secure. Mishandling customer information can be expensive for any organization as well as the customer. The purchase of office paper shredders in Charleston, SC, would reduce the liability instantly.

While protecting your customer’s identity, you must also help prevent identity theft for your employees, because you will hold all the necessary information that an identity thief will require. Office paper shredders in Charleston, SC, will help prevent your organization from a lazy attitude to important documentation.

Office paper shredders give every organization the ability to shred all paper documents beyond recognition, before sending to a recycling center. By removing these unnecessary paper documents from your office space, you will free up space and perhaps require fewer storage cabinets and make better use of your office set up.

By working closely with your office supplies dealer, you will be able to replace any paper shredders at short notice to ensure that you maintain excellent control over sensitive and secret data that would otherwise be kept in office filing cabinets. You will also be able to provide your employees and customers with the added security of knowing that important data cannot be lost by your organization and leave individuals and businesses open to identity theft.

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