Orthodontic treatment, in the majority of cases, is confined to young people. Once their jaw has developed fully, if they need to have their teeth straightened they are fitted with conventional metal braces. For the next couple of years they just learn to live with them.

It is not only young people that are fitted with braces; mature adults are also finding that straight teeth can be beneficial to not only their appearance, but also their career. Many adults that want to straighten their teeth are unhappy with wearing what they consider to be “intrusive” metal braces, for these people, New York Invisalign is the perfect solution.

All about invisible aligners:

Invisible aligners are a reasonably new approach to straightening and realigning teeth. New York Invisalign is rapidly becoming the solution of choice for many reasons, primarily because they are virtually invisible when they are being worn.

The entire process starts with a series of photos and digital data, this information is input into a computer which develops an entire series of aligners which will be worn until the teeth straighten. Each aligner; and there is a complete set, is worn for two weeks. During this time the teeth are slowly repositioned, after two weeks a new aligner is used.

Of particular importance to wearers is the fact that New York Invisalign can be removed for up to two hours at a time, this is an ideal solution as it is easier to brush and floss when the teeth are not covered with brackets and wires.

How long does it take?

On average, it takes between 12 to 18 months to complete the program although; as no two cases are alike the time will vary. To complete the program you will be given a series of aligners. As the entire process has been designed by computer, there is no guessing as to when your teeth have been repositioned perfectly.

If you are unhappy with your teeth and you wish to straighten them, speak to your dentist about the benefits of New York Invisalign.

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