Eliminating waste is a problem that everyone has to deal with, but not everything that gets tossed is without value. In fact, any item that has metal is worth something. The more metal an item contains, the higher its value will be. Unfortunately, people rarely have the means to store a lot of junk or a method to cart it away for recycling. Thankfully, a Recycling Service in Baltimore MD can help by making it easier to sell scrap metal and providing containers for those people that accumulate large amounts of it.

There are many reasons for recycling including recouping some of the costs from manufacturing. For some people, the main reason to recycle metal is helping the planet and reducing the energy usage that creating new metal requires. In some instances, this can be a significant savings. The overall energy consumption for creating aluminum through recycling is reduced by ninety-two percent versus new ore. Copper, another commonly used metal, has an energy savings of ninety percent. Steel offers a savings of fifty-six percent, which still provides a significant value. Recycling also reduces greenhouse gases versus smelting metal from new ores.

One of the great things about recycling metal is that the quality of the product remains the same. Recycled metals are used in all areas of production from containers to furniture. For example, an estimated twenty-five percent of the steel used for automobile panels comes from recycled metal. Recycled copper accounts for roughly fifty percent of the materials required for residential plumbing and electrical needs. None of this would be possible without people collecting and selling that scrap metal to a recycling service in Baltimore, MD.

It makes little sense for a company to sell their scrap in small amounts, but containing the waste will usually require a specific receptacle. One reason for this is that stored metal can quickly become very heavy. A reliable recycling company will provide containers to collect waste metals and carry them away. This can benefit businesses such as automotive repair shops or machine shops that tend to accumulate a mixture of scrap metals. The recycling company will sort the metal, weigh it and calculate payment automatically. Contact Mid-Atlantic Metals Inc to learn more about metal recycling and containers.

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