Most homeowners don’t want deluxe exterior doors for any part of the house. There are specific features they demand, but luxury is generally not one of them. Entry Door Installers in Lincoln NE thus spend much of their time placing doors that are energy-efficient, durable, attractive and affordable. Homeowners want high quality, but they don’t expect the door to look like it belongs on a billionaire’s mansion.

Material Types

Metal and wood doors are still the most common choices, but plastic is increasing in demand as a material for exterior doors. In fact, plastic is outpacing wood in this market. It actually can be superior to wood for strength and energy efficiency, and it is not susceptible to water damage, rot or insect-related damage. These factors describe metal as opposed to wood as well. Fiberglass is another material that is used for entry doors and has similar advantages over wood.

The Popularity of Metal

Entry Door Installers in Lincoln NE still place more metal doors than wood, fiberglass or plastic models, as this is the most durable and energy efficient of all the materials. The ability to include recycled metal in the doors is appealing to manufacturers to save money on production costs and to consumers for the environmentally friendly factor. U.S. residents are increasingly interested in sustainability, and this type of product is one answer to that issue.

When a Building Permit Is Needed

Although some projects for improving and repairing the home’s exterior require a building permit in Lincoln, entry door installation is usually not one of them. The only exception is when installing this door alters the structure of the house in some way. For instance, widening the opening for a larger door or a double door would require a permit. So would installing a sliding glass patio door that replaces part of a wall.

Although luxury doors are not a popular product among average homeowners, there is still a strong trend toward including new exterior doors as part of home remodeling and renovation products. Companies such as Window Innovations offer a wide variety of designs. Get more information at the website.

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