Keeping your lab organized is important for making the most of your time, and sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective. Pegboards provide a versatile and affordable way to keep your equipment easy to access. Here are a few reasons to buy pegboard hooks to organize materials in your lab.

Versatile Options

The simple design of pegboards makes them easy to arrange and rearrange. Labs have to organize materials of varying sizes, and your lab’s demands can change over time; pegboards are easy to adapt to items of varying sizes and weights. By investing in pegboards, you can buy pegboard hooks that match what you need while keeping the same pegboards in place, making it simple to revamp your workstations. This is especially useful in labs performing custom work, where materials can change on a weekly or even daily basis.


Custom lab storage solutions can be appropriate for certain uses, and labs that work with the same materials may want to consider investing in material-specific storage equipment. However, pegboards offer an economical solution, and the hooks are cheap as well. The low costs of pegboards and hooks mean they’re worth considering for future use even if your lab doesn’t need them immediately, as they take up little space in storage closets and are quick to set up.

Convenient Design

Some materials need to be locked away, and other materials need to be stored on flat surfaces. For most types of materials, however, pegboards are a viable option. Companies that buy pegboard hooks can choose between boards of various sizes and hooks that vary in length and depth, which offers solutions for a wide range of laboratory needs. Simple solutions are often the best, and pegboards offer unrivaled convenience for busy labs.

AGR Fabricators specializes in laboratory equipment, with an emphasis on lab countertops and pegboards. With more than 120 years of cumulative experience spanning more than 30 years, they know what lab operators need to function at their most efficient.

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