By definition, an umbilical is a composite cable mostly used in the offshore gas and oil industry. The cable is used when linking the different essentials of a subsea oil and gas manufacturing systems as well as in support of intrusion or construction services. Applications of the same comprise production controls, chemical injections and subsea pumping and processing among others. As a subsea umbilical manufacturer, it is necessary to design umbilicals that are convenient to customers.

What We Offer

At Deep Down Inc. we offer patented umbilical splice that provides the clients with the alternative to repairing in the case of damaged umbilicals. Moreover, we give customers the option of joining two umbilicals as one umbilical. The compliant umbilical splice can be housing electrical as well as fiber optic installable termination assemblies. While the splice can be able to join two umbilicals, it can as well spool against a reel. Bend preventers are mounted on both sides of the splice to avert unnecessary bending. The umbilical splice present clientele with the chance of utilizing current umbilicals thus lowering field development expenses on top of delivery time.

Factors Affecting Design

The design of an umbilical system is affected by some factors. Such dynamics include the intended function of the umbilical, environmental conditions, water depth, and temperature. Therefore, a subsea umbilical manufacturer should make available the optimum design for their clients’ needs and preferences.

Looking at the intended function of an umbilical as a factor to consider, there is rather much to learn. Such functions include acting as thermoplastic hose fluid conduits for providing hydraulic control as well as chemical injection activities. Besides, an umbilical serves as a huge bore tubes for mass chemical injection and gas lift tasks.

Umbilicals offer a complete series of solutions, which meet all of the tough requirements of the related industry. This is due to the work of innovative designers as well as the materials, and state-of-the-art technology involved to bring these solutions to bear.

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