The linear actuator is one of the most common components used in a variety of different kinds of devices and systems. It is capable of creating motion in a straight line, and is generally an alternative to the motion created by a conventional electrical motor, which is circular. Pneumatic linear actuators are used in a wide range of industrial machinery, and are also installed in computer peripherals like printing machines and disk drives.

The Pneumatic Actuator

The pneumatic actuator, also commonly known as a pneumatic cylinder, is quite similar to a conventional hydraulic actuator, but rather than rely on a liquid to generate force, the pneumatic actuator uses compressed gas. Their functionality is quite similar to a piston through which air is pumped within a chamber and is then released out of the chamber on the other side. Pneumatic linear actuators are found in several machines where linear motion is important. Since air is the primary input source, these actuators can be used in a variety of settings where mechanical activity is a necessity.


However, compared to mechanical actuators, these actuators are likely to leak, and must be maintained properly. All kinds of actuators usually have a finite life, and will need to be replaced after a few years of excessive use. Due to the nature of the product, pneumatic linear actuators in Florida are not available in the local markets. They are fabricated and designed exclusively depending on the shape and the size of the machine. If you need to purchase a new actuator for your industrial machinery, you must contact an engineering firm that specializes in fabricating different kinds of components. You can contact Reliant Engineered Products at 904-374-1768 to get a custom actuator made for your machinery. You can follow them on Twitter for latest news and updates!

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