The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home – why not give it a facelift? If you’re looking for some Bathroom Remodeling in Lawrence KS tips, take a few moments to consider these renovation ideas that will liven up the room without emptying your wallet.

Simple and efficient

If a person’s budget is a determining factor in choosing how he or she will renovate their bathroom, it is important to consider a few simple ideas that can help them make inexpensive changes. Many of these are so easy to make that only a screwdriver, and a hammer is needed. But before starting any renovation project, it is important to speak with a specialist that deals with Bathroom Remodeling in Lawrence KS.

Mirrors can be true works of art. Choose one, keeping in mind that it is easier to clean a flat mirror frame than one with an elaborate frame. Bath mat and towels are somewhat cheap these days. Practical and necessary, bath mats and towels can add a luxurious touch to the room.

Get rid of the old bath mat and splurge by getting a new one that will fit perfectly with the new look. Take a look at soap and toothbrush holders, shower curtains and so on. Are they damaged? Mismatched? If so, indulge in new accessories that will give the bathroom a unique and unique look.

Why renovate a bathroom if you are just going to use the old accessories? It does not make any sense.

Changing cabinets and updating lighting

People may not be planning to replace their bathroom cabinets, but they should still consider changing them out because it helps to add style to the room. And while doing so, consider replacing towel and toilet paper holders as well. Lighting can dramatically change the atmosphere of any room, especially in a bathroom.

Rethink how each light is positioned and whether they should be replaced. Homeowners can also optimize the room’s ambient brightness by choosing recessed lighting.

Other things to consider

For more storage, install shelves rather than cabinets. This will not only reduce renovation costs but also give style to the room. And who said people should limit themselves to only one toilet and sink?

It is important to consider adding, for example, a small table with flowers, a new vanity, or a counter with multiple sinks. Contact Kitchens and Baths by Briggs for more details.

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