Rare coins can hold a sense of intrigue simply because there are so many unusual varieties out there. While some people swear by coins for investment purposes, others say they should not be bought for investing because their value is so subjective. In any case, here are some tips that should be read before selling to a rare coins buyer in Texas.

 *     Do not ever advertise that the sale absolutely has to happen, otherwise known as a forced sale. This leaves the seller open to be taken advantage of by both unscrupulous private buyers and commercial buyers alike. Experts recommend that a seller plan on taking about 45 to 60 days for a sale to complete. This will give enough time for the coin collection to be properly marketed to prospective buyers.

 *     It is probably a good idea to get the coins certified by the CAC. While this should not be a deal breaker if the rare coins buyer in Texas is knowledgeable in their specialty, the presence of a CAC sticker can still bump up the final selling price of a coin in most cases.

 *     Make sure the holder the coin is in is crystal-clear and in excellent condition. When selling coins, display is a huge factor on what the buyer will be willing to pay. If the holder is scratched up or dirty, it limits the view as far as what the buyer can see about the coin. Why place a beautiful coin in a shoddy display case? By doing this, the seller is without a doubt limiting their options.

 *     Before even attempting to sell, make sure to get the coins attributed. Why take the risk of accidentally unknowingly selling a rare coin for a rock-bottom price? The buyer will certainly not alert you to the fact that you are about to sell something very rare so send it out to a professional attributing service before heartbreak occurs.

As one can see, there are a few things to remember when it comes to selling coins to a reputable company such as Franklin Gold & Silver Exchange. As long as these simple tips are followed, the hobby can hold much excitement and profit for years to come.

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