Generally speaking, a hotel which is independent and not associated with a chain can fit into the category of a boutique hotel, it should also be somewhat intimate, very stylish and provide the absolute best in amenities. Boutique hotels in Manhattan are also called designer hotels or lifestyle hotels. Many boutique hotels are small, often having only a handful of rooms and rarely more than 100.

The trend to small, more intimate hotels started in the mid 1980s and quickly caught on in trendy locales; Kensington in London, San Francisco and Murray Hill in New York saw the first of what is now a growth business.

Because these hotels are not part of a chain which has a certain “commonality” to them, the boutique hotel can follow any concept it so desires. There are some that are extremely modern and hip, others which are historic. One common denominator is the uniqueness they show in design, furnishings or architecture. The boutique hotel usually addresses itself to a totally different clientele than does a chain hotel. Many boutique hotels have a theme which they carry through to their rooms, dining and amenities such as the spa or fitness room.

A chain hotel normally markets its services to the business community, Boutique Hotels In Manhattan certainly address this market as well, but they are also very attractive to honeymooners and people on a vacation. The target market seeks people in the 25 to 50 year old range of upper income.

One identifying feature of a boutique hotel is the level of service, nowhere can you find the same impeccable service; the hotel is oriented towards providing their guests with a level of service not even doable in a larger establishment with set rules. Rarely will you walk by a staff member in a boutique hotel where you will not be referred to by name and 24 hour service, all of the same standard is the norm. These hotels offer standards which include luxurious bedding, thick terry bathrobes and comfortable seating nooks for chatting and reading.

The features of boutique hotels can range from those that offer the most up to date technology, others prefer to offer their guests a calm environment, to many guests, a boutique hotel is similar to a small countryside bed and breakfast.

If your preferred stay is in boutique hotels in Manhattan then you will enjoy the newly opened Viana Hotel and Spa. Viana is Manhattans only green built feng shui hotel, providing excellent amenities and a soothing environment.


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