It can be difficult to keep a business clean, particularly if your business produces a lot of dust and grime. Choosing the right tools can help you to keep the building cleaner, with less time and energy spent by employees.

Industrial central vacuum systems are designed to provide maximum cleaning results with minimal effort. Essentially, you’ll find two types of industrial central vacuum systems.

The first is an automated system that periodically opens wall vents to automatically suck dust and dirt from the floors. These systems require no effort from employees.

The second type of system contains outlets in the walls to which employees plug hoses that are used for vacuuming. The dirt from both types of systems goes to a large central receptacle that keeps it from escaping back into the air.

Many facilities employ both types of industrial central vacuum systems. The automatic system runs throughout the day to minimize dirt accumulation. The traditional system is used daily by the cleaning crew to ensure that the entire facility is clean, including those areas furthest away from the vents of the automated system. This combination of effort ensures maximum cleanliness, leaving no dirt or allergens on the floor or in the air. However, even if you only install one type of central vacuum, you’ll see a huge improvement in cleanliness.

Both systems are designed to minimize employee effort while maximizing cleaning effort. The central receptacle that holds the dirt is large enough that it only needs to be emptied a few times per quarter.

A central vacuum system is best implemented in a new building because the dirt must travel through the ducts, though these can be added after the fact.

Talk with an authorized dealer about how an industrial central vacuum system can help keep your building as clean as possible with as little effort as possible.

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