Window replacement is an expensive home improvement project. The initial cost is an investment that provides substantial savings well into the future. Depending on how old the current windows are, it may cost more money to keep them than it is to replace them. Older windows have minimal or no weather stripping, and the glass is not insulated.

Advantages of High-Quality Windows

Energy-efficient Marvin Windows in Waukesha Wisconsin can be installed to lower utility bills all year. Insulated glass and weather stripping all around the window eliminates drafts, keeps moisture away from the interior walls, and allows a consistent temperature in the home. Heat and cold does not infiltrate through the windows or leave home via the windows.

Maintaining a consistent temperature means the heating and cooling systems do not cycle as often. They do not require constant adjusting, which also saves money. Having energy-efficient windows installed will also provide a tax credit to the homeowner. Full return on the investment is realized in three to five years, and the savings continue for decades.


Cleaning Marvin Windows in Waukesha Wisconsin is easy and safe. Most styles can open inward for fast cleaning. No ladder is needed to get those second-story windows clean. A completely wood frame requires more maintenance than other materials. They have to be painted or stained and sealed with a protective coating every few years to keep them from rotting. To avoid that inconvenience, some window frames have vinyl or aluminum on the outside and beautiful natural wood on the inside.


In addition to saving money on utility bills and saving time on cleaning, replacement windows have extended value. They make the entire house look more modern and stunning, which boosts curb appeal. The family is more comfortable, and the property value increases significantly.

Homeowners who replace the windows typically replace the entry doors at the same time to increase energy savings. Insulated doors add to the cost of the project, but also add to the continued savings. People interested in window and door replacement, new siding, roofing, adding a room to the house, or installing a deck can Visit to begin comparing companies that specialize in exterior renovations.

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