You’re just starting out. You’re not ready to take on more people. Your business is still getting off the ground. One of the first things you’ll want to invest in is SEO marketing. Hiring search engine optimization services in St. Charles, MO will improve your marketing strategies, fix problems with your site, and increase your revenue sooner rather than later. If you’re hiring a team, here’s what to look for.


How long has the firm been in the business? A service provider that’s only been on the job for a year or two might not be able to provide all the services you need.


What kind of work does the firm do? Do you like any of their projects? What design speaks to you the most? Which ones will look like the perfect match with your brand and business?

Payment Structure

How will the payment go? What kind of payment methods are acceptable? Be sure to go over the terms and conditions. Are there any you don’t understand or agree with? Now’s the time to ask.

Industry/ Niche

Does the firm have any industry experience? Meaning, has it worked with other companies in the same industry as yours? That means the firm is already familiar with what companies like yours require. That’s a definite advantage. It could mean even more efficient results.


Ask the firm how long before they expect to see any results. A reputable firm won’t tell you that the change will happen overnight. But a seasoned service provider will factor in the current state of your pages and provide you with an estimate.


People now go online with their mobile phones and tablets. Make sure your site is easily accessible on all these platforms. That’s what your SEO team can do. If your pages aren’t mobile-friendly, that shuts out a huge market, hurting possible revenues.

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