A person who dies in Maryland but owns property in other states or the District of Columbia might have a more complicated estate than one that transferred all of their assets to heirs through a trust. While there are obvious benefits to taking the steps necessary to avoid probate, those who die unexpectedly may leave behind family members who need to find an experienced probate attorney in Sacramento to help them settle the estate properly.

Unexpected death tends to be more difficult to accept. However, laws do not take this into account and require the family or a representative to settle the estate right away. Instead of forcing themselves to learn everything they need to know about probate, families in this situation should get in touch with an attorney who focuses on probate law. An experienced and compassionate attorney may walk the family through the process so they don’t have to worry about learning the laws themselves, being alone in court or making a costly mistake.

There is a certain order to which outstanding debts are paid in a probate case. When there isn’t enough cash to pay all the bills, family members in charge of settling the estate should wait until they get instructions from their lawyer or the court. Certain creditors may be entitled to more than others and paying the debts out of order could result in less of the estate for surviving family members to share.

A probate attorney in Sacramento may search for assets and heirs, have property appraised, collect the proceeds of life insurance policies, file the decedent’s final income tax return and even settle any disputes between heirs. Some family members or potential heirs might hire their own probate attorney to dispute the will. Close family members should contact an attorney as soon as possible after their loved one’s death. If the deceased person didn’t have their own estate planning attorney, loved ones can click here to get in touch with a lawyer that might be able to help them resolve all of the issues related to the estate.

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