One of the things that make any Landscape Design in Lake Geneva WI visually appealing is adding elements that are a little out of the ordinary. Not everyone would think of using a collection of mismatched china pieces, but this approach can be that unexpected something. Here are some ideas on how to include china found in flea markets, the attic, and other places to enhance the look of the grounds.

Creating Interesting Edging

Part of the plan for the Landscape Design in Lake Geneva WI includes flowerbeds along the back fence along with some islands in the front and back yards. Some type of edging is needed to help define the shape and size of those beds. While there’s the option of using traditional materials like concrete pavers or bricks, think about using an assortment of dinner plates instead. Some of the materials used for those unbreakable plates in decades past are particularly suitable for this application. Best of all, the different patterns will add a touch of whimsy to the garden. The colors in those designs will also bring out the beauty of the blooms in different seasons.

Mixing in the Concrete for Walkways

Paved paths are practical and add more visual interest to the landscape. One way to enhance the look is to employ a method used in the early 19th century for homes and houses of worship and adapt it to the creation of those paths. Break the old china into small pieces and mix it in with the cement. Use enough to ensure that some of the pieces are visible once the mixture is poured and allowed to set. Remember to sand and buff the surface so there are no sharp edges. The little bits of color in the paths work just as well as purchasing colored pebbles and will usually cost less.

There are a number of other ways to use unusual elements in the creation of a beautiful landscape. The team at Midwest Land Care LLC can take a look at the grounds and come up with some approaches that help to set the yard apart from whatever the neighbors are doing. Visit their website today and arrange for an expert to pay a visit. The result will be something that the homeowner will enjoy for years to come.

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