Time will inevitably take its toll on any paved surface, but one way to speed up the degradation of a concrete or asphalt surface is with poor water drainage. An occasional flooding of these surfaces may not do a great deal of damage in the long run. However, more substantial flooding or issues where long-standing drainage problems exist can deteriorate even the most durable of paved surfaces. In these situations, it may be time for water drainage repair in Branford, CT.

The problems can be varied, depending on the situation. For example, paved surfaces that exist below grade or paved surfaces will require extensive drainage systems so those areas aren’t overly flooded with water. However, even elevated surfaces that experience a great deal of water at one time can lead to long-term flooding. These situations also require drainage systems. They may not be as robust as below grade systems, but they will still need to function properly and not significantly damage the paved surfaces.

In some situations, all that will need to be done is to clear out entry and exit points of a drainage system. These drains can get clogged with debris that can make the proper drainage of water difficult, if not impossible. However, there are instances where the actual system itself may be in disrepair. Blocked drainage pipes can slow water drainage and increase the risk of water pooling for extended periods of time on paved surfaces. In some instances, the drainage system will need to be retrofitted with the larger drainpipes to accommodate larger volumes of water.

This only touches on a few of the potential issues that might require water drainage repair in Branford, CT. That’s why, if your home or business has paved surfaces that are prone to flooding, it may be time to look at the effectiveness of the drainage system. Whether it’s fixing a broken system or expanding a system that is inadequate, it can all be done in a quick, convenient, and affordable fashion.

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