When should you call an auto accident chiropractor in Eden Prairie? There are a few things to know about using a chiropractor after an auto accident. First, you should seek out immediate medical care if you are in any type of pain right after the accident. However, if your pain develops 12 to 24 hours later, it is still important to seek out a chiropractor. This is when the most common pain develops after an auto accident. There are a few key signals it is time to get this type of help.

An Accident Means You Need Some Help

After an accident, the body’s spinal column is no longer aligned, and the muscles are likely to be inflamed and sore. When you visit an auto accident chiropractor in Eden Prairie, the help you need is available. Seek out this professional if you have any type of pain in your back, lower legs, hips, shoulders, or neck. You may have pain that limits your m obility. Other people feel lightheaded or have significant trouble moving their neck. These are indications of a spinal misalignment or whiplash. Your chiropractor can determine if there is an injury present and offer the appropriate treatment for it. This may include noninvasive techniques for reducing inflammation, realigning the spinal column, and addressing any damage to nerves.

Keep in mind going to a chiropractor may be something liability insurance covers if another party is responsible for your accident. And, the sooner you visit an auto accident chiropractor in Eden Prairie the better. This can help to reduce any long-term pain you have. It can also help encourage your body’s natural ability to heal and overcome the damage from the accident. Do not put yourself at risk for long-term mobility issues.

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