According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), thousands of Americans die each year due to influenza. This number fluctuates wildly each year due to unforeseen factors like virus mutations or problems in distributing influenza vaccines. Some years there may be only 5,000 deaths while other years will reach 60,000. The easiest way to prevent getting the flu is by frequent hand washing and getting the flu vaccine or “flu shot” from places like a Family Practice Physician in Andover Kansas and elsewhere.

Who Should Get the Flu Shot

A generation ago when the flu shot first became available, the CDC only advised young children and senior citizens to get the flu shot. Since 2010, the CDC has changed its mind and recommend that anyone over 6 months old get the shot. This is because people of any age have a high chance of coming into contact with anyone infected with the influenza virus. Infected people could be at school, work, at restaurants, in public transportation systems or live next door.

Do You Get The Flu From The Flu Shot?

One of the biggest misconceptions about the influenza vaccine is that it gives people the flu. Flu shots are made with “dead” or inactivated viruses so they will not bring about flu symptoms. However, it takes one or two weeks for someone to get the full protective effects of a flu shot. During that time, if a person who had the flu shot meets someone with the flu then the person will get the flu even if having the flu shot. This is why it is important to get the flu shot early in autumn from a medical professional like a Family Practice Physician in Andover Kansas and elsewhere.

Washing Hands

One of the most common way people pick up the flu is from touching an object infected by another person. Hands should be washed or sanitized after every times the hands are used to cover a cough, blow noses or coming into contact with publicly used doors, seats or shopping baskets.

In Summary

Getting the flu when everyone else is getting sick is not inevitable. Washing hands every time after using the bathroom and before eating helps reduce the chance of contracting flu viruses. Getting the flu shot is an easy way to prevent getting sick from the most common strains of flu. Click here to schedule a flu vaccination today.

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