If your windows rattle when the wind blows, you need to seriously consider replacing them. Windows should never rattle when the wind picks up. Otherwise, you spend too much on heating or cooling costs. In fact, windows should fit snugly within their frames and keep the cool or the heat from entering your home.

Keep Your Home from Feeling Drafty

Also, HUD surveys show that about 70% of heated and 46% of air-conditioned air seeps through both the windows and doors. One way to keep this from happening is by replacing your current windows with vinyl replacement windows in Washington D.C. Not only are these windows attractive but they will also help you save a good deal of money on energy.

Recover What You Spend on the Windows

The overall efficiency of vinyl replacement windows will help you recoup your investment. When you order the windows from a dependable window and door replacement retailer, you will receive top-grade virgin vinyl. Both the frames and sashes are guaranteed and will not chip, crack, peel, or warp as wood does.

Tilt-in Sashes and Insulated Glass

Moreover, the colors for the vinyl replacement windows are added, so the color will not fade and the windows will not need sanding or painting. Airtight chambers and insulated glass ensure that your new windows will perform well for you throughout each season.

Where to Learn More About Installation

New vinyl windows also come with double locks for added safety and tilt-in-sashes for easy cleaning. Would you like to know more about these innovative updates? If so, visit us now online and find out how these windows can greatly improve the looks of your home and overall energy efficiency.

If you have old wood windows that shake or have warped or faded with time, you need to learn more about vinyl windows. Don’t spend more for energy than necessary. Find out more about the benefits of vinyl today.

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