At a Walk-In Clinic in Cincinnati OH, area residents and visitors to the region can receive help with urgent care needs that should not wait until a regular appointment can be scheduled. These clinics provide an excellent alternative to the hospital emergency room, where someone with a very painful earache may have to wait a long time to see a doctor. The earache typically will be low in priority compared with patients who have been in vehicle accidents or who are experiencing chest pain.

When deciding whether to go to a Walk-In Clinic in Cincinnati OH or head to the emergency room, a main rule of thumb is to consider whether the symptoms could indicate a life-threatening condition. If so, the ER is best. The next day, the person may feel as though he or she overreacted, but that is obviously better than taking the risk of not going. People generally have a sound instinct about which symptoms should be seen by an ER doctor and which can be handled in an urgent care clinic.

Health care practitioners and patients both have embraced the concept of the walk-in clinic and urgent care centers. It’s a fast, convenient option for patients who would otherwise have to go to ER or delay treatment. Doctors would much rather help those patients quickly instead of having them wait for hours in an emergency room. A clinic such as Eastside Urgent Care is ready to see patients who have developed a minor rash or who have sprained an ankle. Patients who are dealing with a sore throat or earache that may require medication to treat can receive assistance there. People who have severe cold symptoms or are suffering from seasonal flu also may benefit from help at a walk-in clinic.

This type of facility provides general care by family practice doctors by appointment in addition to treating more urgent conditions. People can have a regular physician there for their family’s checkups and routine exams, while also being able to receive rapid care as walk-in patients. That’s a distinct advantage over urgent care clinics found in storefront settings. Visit for details. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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