Air conditioning systems receive a lot of use every year, making it more than likely you will eventually need to call for air conditioning repair. If you experience any of these common issues that follow with your air conditioning system, call for air conditioning repair in Duluth as soon as possible.

Not Cooling Completely

If your air conditioner system has been turned on, and your home is not cooled down completely it is probably wise to contact a company for air conditioning repair in Duluth. There may be a serious problem causing this issue, and will not resolve on its own. You may possibly have a bad thermostat, or you may have a faulty compressor, your system may be low on refrigerant, or fan motors might be broken.

Air Conditioner Leaking Water

You want to contact your air conditioning repair in Duluth immediately, if your air conditioner has water leaking. This leaking water can damage your home, besides being a sign of your air conditioning system not working. Similar to when bringing a glass that is cold, outside on a day which is hot, condensation is naturally created from air conditioners. Normally, this condensation drips down into a pan and then drains away. Condensation can overflow if this pan or drain line becomes clogged.

Strange Noise

If you notice your air conditioner making an unusual noise, such as hissing, gurgling, or squealing, call for air conditioning repair in Duluth. Squealing noise is usually the cause of a motor belt that had gone bad, needing replacing. Leaking refrigerant, is most likely causing a hissing noise. Low refrigerant causes the gurgling noise. You want to be sure to have your air conditioning system inspected by a professional, ensuring there is no danger from the sounds it is making.

There are a few things you can try prior to calling a professional, if the problem persists after do not hesitate to call air conditioning repair Duluth to prevent further damage.

1. Check Thermostat: Although this may sound stupid, many people have accidentally switched their thermostat from cool to heat. This can help avoid an unnecessary bill.

2. Clean Air Conditioner: Your systems efficiency for cooling down can be cut down from debris and dirt inside and around your air conditioner. Prior to cleaning the system however, turn power off.

3. Inspect Drainage Tubes for Possible Obstructions: Check for obstructions such as algae, ice, or dirt, and either replace or clean out the tube if a problem is found.

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