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How To Evaluate Utility Billing Companies

There are many different companies offering utility billing services for apartment buildings and manufactured home communities. These utility billing companies will all have different services, different levels of expertise and an understanding of the specifics in working on a particular type of property. It

A Remote Water Meter Reading Device Offers More Convenience

Having the water meter read is something that it is highly important that you do regularly. An accurate water meter reading can keep you informed on how much water is being used and take steps to conserve water usage, if necessary. This is especially

How the Ratio Utility Billing Systems (RUBS) Are Good for Your Water Bills

Allocating the correct water utility bill to residents of a multi-use property has been difficult, especially when submetering to a property is impossible because of the previous plumbing or electrical configurations. The RUBS water billing system is, therefore, perfect for your use to bill

Why Outsourcing Your Billing Services Can Improve Your Profits

Making and taking difficult decisions can be a nightmare for any business that believes it should be in control of everything. On occasions, it is better to outsource some professional roles in your business so they can be performed more efficiently and effectively. It’s