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A Hearing Aid Center in Lawrence Kansas Can Restore Hearing Loss

About 48 million Americans report some form of hearing loss. By the age of 65, one in every three people suffers from some degree of hearing loss. There are many causes of hearing loss including malformation of the ear canal, ear infections, head trauma,

Choosing the Right Pharmacy For Your Needs

You have many choiceswhen you’re in need of filling a prescription, obtaining medical equipment or receiving an immunization. While it’s important to find a location that is close to home, there are a number of other factors that should contribute to your decision. Let’s

Finding the Right Hearing Instrument in Norwich CT

Hearing instruments have gone through many changes over time. Ear trumpets or cones were considered non-active or passive devices that direct sound waves into the ear and these were some of the earliest forms of hearing instruments. With increasing age, hearing can be reduced