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How to take Independent Living at an Active Retirement Community for Trial Run

The Orchard Crest Retirement Community offers Independent Living for vibrant seniors looking to eliminate the stress in life such as; housework, routine and restorative maintenance and security. Most seniors have done this all their lives and feel more than ready to set it aside

Live Your Best Life at a Orchard Crest Independent Living Community

At some point in life we all think about the lifestyle we desire to live when we retire. Some plans may include travel, taking care of grand-kids or just going fishing. For most of us that is an exciting plan and we work hard

Why Your Retirement Plan Services Are Not Growing

As a business owner, you spend a great deal of your time working closely with your clients. You listen to them. You do a good job of helping them to build their portfolios and allowing them to reach their retirement goals. But, in terms

Enhancing Your Retirement Plan Services

As a business, it is important for you to find ways to offer better services and improved products to your customers. Take a closer look at what your clients need. Do they need more opportunities to connect with you to spend time managing their

Steer Clear of Taxes with a Traditional IRA

Do you want to be able to direct your own retirement plan? You can and steer clear of many tax hassles when you choose a traditional IRA. A self-directed traditional IRA allows for tax-deferred earnings. Does being able to select your own investments sound

What Is a Multiple Employer Plan?

Often called MEPs, Multiple Employer Plans are a type of retirement account in which more than one employer contributes. They are a type of collective bargaining agreement. Most often, they involve unions that are part of the same international or domestic union. This type

How a Senior Community Provides Gracious Assisted Living

Many seniors cannot live alone, and need more care than family members can offer. Assisted Living is often the best choice, but the elderly and their families often worry about the quality of life that residents’ experience in a planned senior community. Today residences

Why Smart Seniors Are Choosing Assisted Living in Columbus, OH

The Golden Years are a time to relax and enjoy a stress-free lie with good friends. Many people do that by choosing Assisted Living in Columbus, OH. Seniors experience a quality, worry-free life, which provides benefits that include: GRACIOUS SUITES: Retirees who have spent