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The Basic Considerations When Selecting A Used Coagulation Analyzer

The ability to measure blood coagulation is essential in the treatment and diagnosis of many different conditions. It is also a critical part of testing for new pharmaceutical drug development as well as in research for human and zoological types of studies. The Design

What To Know Before Responding To “Wanted Medical Equipment” Messages

Most labs, research and testing facilities as well as medical centers will have used equipment that is no longer needed or that has been replaced or upgraded. This equipment is bulky to store and, with sensitive electronics, needs to be kept in controlled environments

Mistakes To Avoid When You Buy Medical Equipment

Used medical equipment, including equipment that is refurbished or sold tested and used, is a low-cost option to replace existing equipment in the lab. Unfortunately, not all places to buy medical equipment offer the same quality equipment. To avoid buying from a company that

Saving Costs On Replacement Chemistry Lab Equipment

Running a laboratory of any size is always a difficult task. There is the need to adjust to new testing standards and requirements, which means having the latest in equipment. Finding the most up to date chemistry lab equipment while staying within budget can