Running a laboratory of any size is always a difficult task. There is the need to adjust to new testing standards and requirements, which means having the latest in equipment. Finding the most up to date chemistry lab equipment while staying within budget can be extremely difficult, so choosing the best possible purchasing options is always critical.

There are several options to consider when it is time to replace chemistry lab equipment. In most labs, this will only occur if there is a failure of a testing system or if there is no longer the possibility to continue to update. However, it may actually be advantageous to replace equipment before this point.

Delays Cost Money

Many labs will try to make do with existing equipment. This is often a very costly decision for several different reasons. Downtime for equipment while it is being calibrated and repaired will cause the efficiency of the lab the testing options to be decreased, meaning overall slower turnaround times.

This, in turn, can result in your customers turning to other labs to complete their testing. In addition, it is important to consider the cost of the repair and even the challenges of completing tests based on new standards and protocols required by your clients.

An Alternative

Rather than trying to continue to operate outdated or failing equipment, choosing refurbished chemistry lab equipment can resolve all the challenges and still stay within a budget. At up to 70% lower than the cost of new equipment, it is typically more cost-efficient than repairs and downtime for existing systems.

With newer models of equipment, it is also possible to upgrade at this discounted cost. With a warranty in place and full customer service provided with the purchase, refurbished lab equipment is certainly a viable consideration for any testing facility.

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