Used medical equipment, including equipment that is refurbished or sold tested and used, is a low-cost option to replace existing equipment in the lab. Unfortunately, not all places to buy medical equipment offer the same quality equipment.

To avoid buying from a company that is less than reputable, there are some simple precautions you can use as a buyer. These are very similar to what you would do to buy new equipment. It will be important to research the manufacturer, research the model and also take the time to find reviews of how the equipment performs in the field.

To buy medical equipment that is used or refurbished, used the same steps. Verify the manufacturer, model and peer reviews of the equipment to narrow down your choices. Then, when you know the make and model you want and then find a seller. This last step means being aware of these common mistakes.

Mistake: Using A General Website

The option to buy medical equipment online is a good choice, but not from just any website. There are a lot of general websites, even some auction sites like eBay, selling used medical equipment. Most of this equipment is sold as is and as “buyer beware” types of purchases. While the prices may look great, you will often pay very high shipping rates and have no guarantee of the working condition once it arrives.

Mistake: Not Comparing Prices

There are differences in prices in both used and reconditioned medical equipment. Take the time to shop around on the reputable, dedicated medical equipment sites before making a purchase.

Consider both the price and the warranty as well as the services offered by the seller. If you have old equipment to sell, consider talking to the medical equipment company as they may be able to buy it, helping you to offset the purchase cost and provide additional space in your facility.

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