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Destiny Community Church: Fulfilling the Great Commission

To understand the idea of destiny, it’s important to ask this question: What does the Bible say about destiny? While this is a complex issue, you can get a better understanding about the subject by learning what the Bible does not teach. Sometimes the

What Is the Christian Church?

For many people, the search for the meaning of life is an important pursuit. People all over the world seek answers through spirituality and religious organizations. The world is filled with countless religions, most of which can be found within a few major broader

Does Science Contradict the Bible?

One of the most difficult issues facing Christianity is this: The Bible says the Earth is 6,000 years old, while science says the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, while the universe itself is a staggering 13.5 billion years old. The choice appears to

What is Preterism?

To answer the question “What is Preterism?,” you must first have an understanding of the Bible as a whole. The Bible is considered to be a set of unfulfilled prophecies. However, this is under the beliefs of Christianity. Under the guise of Preterism, the

Tips for Finding a Diverse Church in Minneapolis

Are you hoping to find a diverse church in Minneapolis where everyone feels welcome and the door remains open no matter what paths people have walked to find themselves there? If so, it’s important to do a little research before diving in and joining

Evaluating Bible-Related News/Radio And Video

Finding top quality, informative and biblically based bible-related news/radio and videos may seem like an easy thing to do if you have a computer, tablet or smartphone and access to the internet. However, as many Christians discover, there are just as many very poor

Complete Your Shamanic Practitioner Training and Earn Advanced Degrees

Are you called to shamanic studies? Do you attend shamanic workshops, drumming and journey circles, shamanic practices and energy healing technique workshops and feel as if you have found your true path? Do you read books on shamanic healing techniques and wish for a

The Case For Preterism And The Rapture

 When you compare the Bible to a body of water you would say that there are some deep parts that may never be discovered in our lifetime and then there are some shallow waters where even a baby would be safe. The Bible is

Why Seek Online Senai Thalaivar Matrimony Services

A wedding is, for many, the most important and wonderful day of the couple’s life. As a result, they want to ensure that each and every detail is perfect. When individuals are looking for Senai Thalaivar Matrimony services, they have a number of different

Near Death Experiences and the Bible Are You Still a Believer

Reports of near death experiences have been occurring for thousands of years even as far back as biblical times. Reports of near death experiences and the bible can also be found. The majority of people who have survived a near death experience speak of