To answer the question “What is Preterism?,” you must first have an understanding of the Bible as a whole. The Bible is considered to be a set of unfulfilled prophecies. However, this is under the beliefs of Christianity. Under the guise of Preterism, the Bible is considered to a set of prophesies that has already been fulfilled. So, what is Preterism? Preterism is considered to be a Christian view; however, it is an eschatological view. Preterists interpret prophesies in the Bible as events that have already happened.

Similarities and Differences from Traditional Christianity

There are several differences between traditional Christianity and Preterism. It is important to remember that Preterism is still a branch of Christianity. Preterists do believe in God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, and other important elements of Christianity. They also believe that the events that occur in the Bible are true. The only difference, therefore, is when they believe these events happened.

Preterists believe that all of the events in the Bible have already occurred, whereas traditional Christians believe there are still events in the rapture that have yet to occur. Preterists believe that all of these events happened around the time of 70 AD. In the year 70 AD, the Romans invaded Jerusalem. They also destroyed the second Temple. This is where those practicing Preterism believe the Bible timeline ends. Their belief is that the rise of the Antichrist, tribulation, and rapture all occurred at this time. They even believe that the Day of the Lord occurred at this time.

What is the Evidence?

It is obvious that Preterists believe they are correct in believing that the events have already happened, and Christians believe they are prophesies yet to come true. So who is right? It is hard to determine who is right when it comes to religion. There is one fact, however, that shines light on the accuracy of the beliefs held true by traditional Christianity. After many interpretations of the Bible, it is believed there are around 2,500 prophecies foretold in the Bible. It is estimated that around 2,000 of these prophecies have already been fulfilled. This leaves at least around 500 prophecies yet to be fulfilled, including all the rise and fall of the Antichrist, the tribulation and revelation, as well as the Day of the Lord. It also seems that if these events had happened around 70 AD, there would have been records or testimonies of the occurrence of these major Christianic events.


So what is Preterism? Preterism is a form of Christianity. Preterists believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the interpretation of the Bible. However, the views held by the believers of Preterism view the events in the Bible as prophecies that have already come true, rather than events that must still be fulfilled.

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