As with virtually all professionals, finding the time to complete the mandatory annual professional training is always a challenge. This is certainly the case for continuing education for veterinarians where taking a few days of work to attend a conference may leave your practice without a vet.

This can be very problematic in smaller clinics and animal hospitals or in specialized clinics where patients are already waiting to see the vet. In these situations, or for any busy vet or vet tech, taking online continuing education for veterinarians and vet techs is the perfect answer to the problem.

What You Need

While most vets are pretty tech savvy, they may have some reservations about signing up for continuing education for veterinarians online. The good news is that a top service and training provider will be able to help you with any issues that you may experience.

All you will need is an internet connected device that can display podcasts, videos and webinars. This includes tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop computers.

Typically any up to date browser will work with the best online continuing education for veterinarians but if you have problems the service will have support professionals that can help you with any challenges you have. In most cases it is upgrading the browser to the latest version or simply allowing access through a firewall or online security system that may be blocking your ability to view the material.

Getting Credits

Before you sign up for any programs offering continuing education for veterinarians make sure that your state licensing board recommends the training. Most boards have this information listed on their website, but if they don’t a quick phone call is all it will take.

It is also important to pay close attention to the types of continuing education for veterinarians that can be completed online. There are both active and passive learning opportunities and typically most boards do have a limit as to how many of your total hours of training can be completed online.

By ensuring that you understand what you need, and what your state allows, you can take full advantage of opportunities to get your online continuing education for veterinarians right from the comfort of your own internet connected device, no matter where you may be in the country.

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