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Make Your Next Party Unforgettable With an Arcade Game Truck Rental

Planning a party can be hard work. You either need to save enough money to hire a caterer, entertainment, and rent a venue, or, you can do all of the work yourself at home. Plus, you have to keep coming up with clever ideas

Why a Mobile Stage Makes a Lot of Sense for Your Performance

The most basic concern when planning a performance is where and how to set the stage. This holds true for indoor as well as outdoor events. Fortunately, today’s mobile world is making this decision process a lot easier. You now have access to mobile

What to Look for When Choosing a Recording Studio in Los Angeles, CA

When it comes to creating musical art, you want to be the best and choose a recording studio in Los Angeles, CA, that knows how to properly engineer your sound. This can mean the difference between landing a deal that will change your life

Produce your Best Art, Seek out Colleges

When it comes to getting great education, there needs to be some research into the school. You want to learn to create your best art while you are a student. This gets you ready for a career at the end of the term. Many

3 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Barrier for your event

Crowd control barriers are usually associated with public safety and management of large gatherings. The planning that goes on behind the event is the most important factor that ensures a safe and comfortable environment for guests.  For an event to be successful and safe,

What Can You Do with a Master’s degree In Arts Education?

Are you planning on attending a graduate program for a degree in Arts Education? Do you have a path planned out for your future? What encouraged you to apply for an Arts Education program? Graduate programs focusing on art can be competitive to get

Methods Used by Jazz Singer Sylvia Brooks to Strengthen Her Voice

Most newcomers to the world of music fail to realize just how much hard work goes into maintaining their voice. Singers like Sylvia Brooks spend a number of hours each day practicing their craft. Failing to protect your singing voice can cause a variety

What is Low-Residency MFA and What to Expect

A low-residency program, also known as a limited residency program, is a method of schooling, commonly found at universities, which comprises of a certain volume of distance learning and momentary on-campus or specified site residencies. These residencies can last for one weekend or for

Big Band Music: Still Swinging in the Modern Day?

Music trends come and go. What is popular with one generation may sound like noise to their elders or their children, but some styles of music stand the test of time. One of these is big band, or “swing music.” For Young and Old

Sylvia Brooks: One of the Top Female Vocalists in Los Angeles

Los Angeles provides some of the best jazz and blues on the planet, not to mention that it houses some of the top female vocalists of their time. One of the most popular up and rising stars is Floridian Sylvia Brooks, whose debut album