Most labs, research and testing facilities as well as medical centers will have used equipment that is no longer needed or that has been replaced or upgraded. This equipment is bulky to store and, with sensitive electronics, needs to be kept in controlled environments to avoid damage.

Rather than storing this equipment as spare units, most facilities and medical centers will sell their equipment. However, before responding to “wanted medical equipment” emails, letters or posts on social media sites, it is important to know a few things about the process and if you are dealing with a reputable company.

Provides a Contract

Any company advertising for wanted medical equipment should have a contract that includes the specific requirements of the buyer and the seller with regards to the transaction. Never do business with a company that doesn’t offer a contract, that leaves a contract that is not signed or that provides information agreed to verbally but not in writing.

Full Price Offered and Paid

A common mistake that facilities managers make when they work with a company advertising for wanted medical equipment is to take a partial payment for the equipment and then agree to accept the balance after the equipment is shipped and inspected.

The result of this “inspection” is typically that the price is dramatically decreased or payment is denied based on the condition of the equipment. If the seller doesn’t agree, they will be billed for shipping the equipment both ways, which is a net loss in most cases.

A reputable pre-owned equipment company will evaluate and assess the value of the equipment at your location and before they take possession. This ensures you will get the agreed upon amount and will not have to deal with issues of passing or failing an inspection at a later date.

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