The Orchard Crest Retirement Community offers Independent Living for vibrant seniors looking to eliminate the stress in life such as; housework, routine and restorative maintenance and security. Most seniors have done this all their lives and feel more than ready to set it aside for their freedom yet the fear of assisted living facilities make them a bit uneasy. The website is a good place to start looking, navigating tips are included below outlining how to get an inside peak into a retirement home.

Most wonder what the living facilities are like and what is included? In order to get a firsthand account visit the site of Orchard Crest Retirement Community and check out what’s offered. One of the first notable things you will see when landing on the website is a large rolling picture changing from one of three images. A video is added to one of the three, if the “watch our video” button is not on the screen you have two options, wait until it rolls around again or look just below to the lower right hand side, there you will notice three small shapes, hover over them clicking once on each until you see the screen with the watch our video button, then click the arrow in the center of it to view. This video will provide you with answers to your questions plus much more easing your mind.

To the lower right of the video you will see another smaller image of a woman with the word “Galleries” click the view now button. In the galleries section of the site you will find another video, photos of the community and aerials of the entire location all giving you a feel for life there and a birds eye view of the grounds surveying what is available to you in and around the area.

Once you’ve taken it all in check out the gray box in the lower right hand corner at the bottom of the page. Join us for a free lunch or a dinner is great way to get an inside look and feel of life in a retirement community is like. Click on the gray free lunch or dinner box which navigates to another page where you can feel out a form indicating your interest in a time and place for either a free lunch or dinner at a Orchard Crest Retirement Community.

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