As more business opportunities arise in the United Arab Emirates, American companies are sending representatives to Dubai and the capital city Abu Dhabi. In order to do business in the United Arab Emirates, however, you need UAE attestation services.

How Do I Get UAE Attestation?

Document attestation for the UAE can be an extremely complicated process, which is why you need to rely on UAE attestation services for help. It isn’t quick or easy. Your documents require authentication through various federal agencies, as well as the UAE Embassy or consulate. That process will take time. The attestation of documents certifies them as authentic, true and correct in order to be accepted by the UAE.

What Documents Are Required?

The company’s articles of incorporation, company licenses and requests for proposal or contracts will need to be authenticated. If you are planning on living in the UAE, you need documents that contain your residency plans. Depending on the scope of your work and that of your company, other documents must be provided by you for your employees or outside contractors who are providing services on your behalf. Those documents might include educational certifications, degrees, official transcripts and professional licenses in their particular specialty.

Three Step Process to UAE Attestation

For travel or relocation to the United Arab Emirates, the country requires embassy legalization of your documents. Your documents will go through these three agencies in the United States for certification:

  • Secretary of State
  • US Department of State
  • UAE Embassy in Washington, DC or UAE Consulate

While this might seem overwhelming, Attestation Services handle the authentication process on a daily basis and are able to guide you in the correct path.

To learn more about UAE attestation services, go to the US Authentication Services website.

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