Hearing exams are important for people who have hearing loss and want to get hearing aids. The exam will give you a baseline of what your current hearing is like, so the audiologist can determine how much amplification or other adjustments may be needed. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask any questions about the hearing aid process! This blog post will discuss three things that you should expect when going in for a hearing exam in Grand Rapids, MI.

You Might Be Asked to Wear a Headband With Electrodes on It

Some hearing exams may require you to wear a headband with electrodes. Oftentimes people get nervous when they see the device and are asked to wear it. Participants shouldn’t be alarmed, it’s simply an electronic device that is meant to measure your response to various sounds and won’t cause any harm.

Expect the Exam to Take About Take About 20 Minutes

The average hearing test will take about 20 minutes. Be prepared to spend this amount of time in your hearing exam and focused on responding to sound stimuli during the test. During this time, the audiologist will ask you to respond verbally or by pressing a button when hearing certain noises.

Some People May Experience Some Discomfort During the Exam

Some people may experience some discomfort when wearing headbands with electrodes or spending a long time in a hearing test responding to noises.  Be sure to let your audiologist know if you experience any discomfort and they will adjust the process accordingly.

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