Allocating the correct water utility bill to residents of a multi-use property has been difficult, especially when submetering to a property is impossible because of the previous plumbing or electrical configurations. The RUBS water billing system is, therefore, perfect for your use to bill each unit fairly.

The RUBS System Is Your Answer

For apartment owners and other properties that contain several or many residents, the RUBS water billing system is both a legal and fair system when you cannot install a submetering system. It allows the owner of the property to bill each occupant based upon an occupant factor or a square footage factor and sometimes, a combination of both.

Installation of a submetering system is a capital cost for the owner of the property. The advantages of the RUBS water billing system are that there is no need for any initial capital investment and occupants are not annoyed by allowing teams install a meter within their part of the property.

By allocating 100% of the property’s utility or water bill to the residents, based upon an agreed factor, including that of a resident landlord, all the utility water bill should be paid effectively and on time, without the landlord left paying part of the bill.

An occupant factor will be based upon the number of residents within the property, as the square footage option may see an unfair billing system being presented to the residents.

For a property owner to allocate the water bill fairly, they will need to know how many occupants are using the entire property and use this information so that the total water bill can be allocated based upon the number of occupants throughout the entire building.

Building owners may need to ensure that there is an allowance for water directed to common areas and this will be split fairly between all the occupants.

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