In Louisiana, individuals with disabilities have access to social security disability benefits. These benefits provide them with a monthly payment to support themselves financially. However, according to the guidelines for these claims, the individual cannot work in any industry due to their condition. The following are details about the steps followed by a Social Security Attorney.

Filing the Initial Application

The applicant will complete an application that is submitted to the Social Security Administration. The application must include vital details such as when the condition was diagnosed. It must also describe the exact effects of the condition. This includes whether or not it debilitates the applicant or could lead to complexities that limit their ability to work. The condition must be either physical or mental in nature.

The Medical Evidence Required for the Claim

All applicants must include medical records associated with their condition. The records must include the exact date of the diagnosis and all treatment provided since the beginning of the condition. The doctor who provides care will discuss the condition with the caseworker assigned to the applicant’s case. However, the SSA may require additional appointments with doctors to assess the applicant’s condition.

Can Applicants Appeal After a Denial?

Yes, the appeal’s process requires them to complete specific forms. The attorney can help the applicant start this process. Their case is presented to an appeals judge during a private hearing. The judge evaluates the medical records and all documentation presented to determine if the applicant met the eligibility requirements.

When is a Lawsuit Necessary?

If the applicant is denied during an appeal, their attorney can help them file a lawsuit. In these cases, a trial is set in which all evidence is presented to a judge and jury. They determine if the applicant is eligible and identify the value of back-pay to which they are entitled.

In Louisiana, all claimants with a disability can file an application for disability benefits. They submit these claims to the SSA initially. If they are denied these benefits, they can file an appeal or lawsuit. Claimants who need to speak to a Social Security Attorney visit for more information now.

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