There are many different companies offering utility billing services for apartment buildings and manufactured home communities. These utility billing companies will all have different services, different levels of expertise and an understanding of the specifics in working on a particular type of property.

It is important to carefully consider your options and evaluate utility billing companies to determine which one is the best match for your needs. As this can be difficult for landlords and property managers moving from ratio utility billing systems to submeters for every unit, there are a few important evaluation points to keep in mind.

Services Provided

There are a small number of utility billing services offering a full range of options for their customers. This includes everything from water testing and treatment recommendations to planning and coordinating the installation of smart meters on the property.

Some companies offer very limited options of payment for your tenants while others offer a more comprehensive list. The best companies will always provide the best range of services.

Planning and Installing Expertise

It is not uncommon for utility billing companies to use subcontracted labor for their smart meter installation. This creates a concern about training, experience and installation practices both within a project as well as between projects.

Always look for a company with crews they use on a regular, ongoing basis. The best option is a utility billing service with their own installation teams.

Experience with Similar Properties

Whether you have a small multifamily apartment or a large manufactured home community, working with a company with experience in similar types of projects is always an important point.

Ask companies for information on the types of projects they have completed and follow up with a call to the reference for information on professionalism, expertise and overall experience.

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