When it comes to buying or selling real estate, the stakes are high. You want to make decisions that ultimately serve you well. One way to increase the odds of achieving this goal is hiring a top realtor in Chicago who can help you. Here are a few signs that the real estate professional you’ve chosen is the right one.

If there’s one thing the realtor knows well, it’s the local market. You can count on the professional to know all there is to know about what’s recently been sold, how much it went for, and what other similar properties are going for these days. That same professional will also know what’s about to be listed and which property owners may be willing to negotiate their prices.

Your realtor will also know quite a bit about staging. The goal is to show off each property to the best advantage. If you’re selling, this could mean calling in a professional who can stage the house so that interested parties come away with a positive impression. If you’re buying, the professional will advise the sellers of what they can do to make it easier to see the home’s features.

The top realtor in Chicago is also invested in making sure the client gets the best possible deal. It’s not just about satisfaction at the time of the sale. The realtor knows that some of the best advertising is word of mouth from those who have bought or sold in the past and were happy with the services provided.

Remember that the realtor of your choice wants to do everything possible to help you. Cooperate to the best of your ability and never hesitate to ask questions. In the long run, the odds of accomplishing what you had in mind will be higher.

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