There is nothing worse than finding out your home or commercial property has been invaded by cockroaches, wasps, ants, spiders, fleas, termites or any other type of creeping, crawling or flying bug.

Regardless of the type of insect, the first instinct for many people is to call the first pest control company that shows up on Google. While this may be a good company, it may also be a company that simply is not equipped, trained or experienced to provide the pest control services you need.

To ensure you are working with the right company that will identify and eliminate current infestations and help you prevent future problems, it is recommended that you watch out for the following most common 3 hiring mistakes when searching for pest control services:

Not Researching the Company

The popular pest control services are not always the best. Often, the big companies strive for high volume pest control and tend to recommend packages that may include services you do not need.

Additionally, just because the company name is the first one that comes to mind, it does not mean they are highly recommended by their previous customers. Be sure to take the time and read their reviews online, and find out about their approach to customized pest control services for their customers.

Not Seeing Bait and Switch Sales

Be careful of door-to-door “free inspections” for bugs and vermin. Great pest control company’s should provide free inspections, but there is a difference in their credibility, approach, and experience. In scenarios of door-to-door “free inspections” it is highly likely that the “inspection” will find a range of signs that you have multiple pests, but you actually don’t. These companies are using the bait and switch method, as their goal is to get into the home on the pretense of a free inspection only to up-sell you to a full pest control package you do not actually need.

Not Getting a Second Opinion

A quality company providing pest control services will take the time to show you the results of your inspection and point out any areas of concern. They will answer any questions and make recommendations without being pushy or making you feel obligated.

A credible pest control company will also understand if a customer asks to check with someone else to get a second opinion. If you trust the company however, and they are providing clear insight as to any bug problems you may have, this does not always have to be a necessary step.

Whether you have noticed pests in your home or want to prevent pest problems that could embarrass your business, you can rely on Above and Beyond Pest Control for outstanding service.

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