There are a lot of myths about attorneys that are popular across the internet and in general conversation. While there are different levels of professionals in law as in any profession, an experienced, ethical and reputable personal injury attorney is an asset to anyone in Saint Paul struggling with getting a fair settlement.

The term personal injury is a general umbrella category, with various specific types of cases under this general term. These types of cases can include slip and fall, dog or animal bites, wrongful death and all types of vehicle accidents. Working with a specialized personal injury attorney is a benefit to your case, and by looking closely at the mistakes and myths, it is easy to see why.

Myth: It Costs Too Much

The best personal injury law firms do not charge clients directly for their services. Instead, they work on a contingency fee, which means they get paid only if you win your case. The amount they get paid is determined prior to starting the case, so the client is always aware of the costs.
Additionally, and this is important to note, cases with a personal injury attorney settle for higher amounts on average than those cases without legal representation.

Myth: You Do Not Need an Attorney

It is true that not all personal injury cases in Saint Paul require an attorney. The top lawyers evaluate the case in a free initial consultation and then provide the client with this information. In other words, a top attorney does not take on a case if she or he believes there is no need for legal representation.

Myth: Attorneys Drag Out The Process

Having a personal injury lawyer often results in a faster settlement of the case, and often out of court. This provides the individual with faster access to damages and a clear path to continuing on with their recovery process.

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