Bathroom remodels are some of the most popular home improvement projects among Smithtown, New York residents. Upgrading a bathroom can increase usable space, eliminate unhealthy conditions, and increase home values. In many cases new bathroom cabinets in Smithtown NY homes serve as focal points that add style and storage. While many owners replace cabinets add style, many also upgrade to increase the number of sinks or opt for space-saving models that fit smaller rooms.

New Cabinets Can Add Storage Space

Homeowners may replace bathroom cabinets in Smithtown NY homes when the original vanities have no storage space. Older houses often include wall-mounted sinks with no storage areas underneath. With that in mind, many customers visit to find cabinets that have usable space under sinks. Suppliers offer a range of cabinetry in styles to match any decor. Shoppers can choose finishes that range from classic natural woods to sleek contemporary painted surfaces.

Small Replacement Cabinets Create Room

Many customers change bathroom vanities to gain more bathroom space. When homes have standard vanities that take up unnecessary room, clients may want to replace them with space-saving models. Smaller vanities are available in the same styles as larger cabinets, but have narrower bases and less counter space. However, there is plenty of room for any style sink and homeowners can add elegant hardware and fixtures that turn tiny bathrooms into luxury spaces.

Upgraded Cabinets Can Meet the Needs of Growing Families

There are also clients who upgrade bathroom cabinets to better meet the needs of couples or families. For example, bathrooms that are ideal for one person can become awkward to use when another person moves in. However, adding a vanity with a double sink solves the problem. Homeowners who have children or plan to add to their families also exchange small cabinets for larger ones. Those who have large bathrooms may add matching stand-alone cabinets that increase storage space.

Homeowners often replace bathroom vanities to increase storage space and add style. Those with tiny bathrooms may exchange older vanities for smaller, space-saving models. It is also common for customers with growing families to buy replacement cabinets that have enough sinks and counter space for every user.

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