New to the world of jazz music? Here are 3 of the best reasons you should love jazz:

The history

Jazz originated members of an underclass. In this sense, it is a musical gift like no other. Unlike European music that evolved from the elite class or rock music that sprang after World War II, the magic of jazz is that it spoke to all races and nationalities. It rose out of the worst conditions to become the music we love today.

The songs

“Birds of Fire”, “The Bridge”, “Facing You”, and other great jazz hits, the genre has given the world some of the best music audiences continue to enjoy until now. Emotionally powerful, jazz brought the blues and swing to life. And these classics, well-loved show tunes and favorites, are now a crucial part of our times, of what makes the 80s the 80s or the 90s the 90s. Because music, like any other art, is reflective of its milieu, of the historical and social forces that shaped it and gave it breath.

The artists

From Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington to today’s roster of jazz talents like Marquis Hill and Aaron Diehl or if you prefer sultry and breathy charm and genius of female jazz singers like Deborah Silver and Cecile McLorin Salvant, you have a ton of recording artists to choose from. If you feel some nostalgic affection for the past, listen to Billie Holiday belt out the blues or fall in love with Ella Fitzgerald’s classic “Someone to Watch Over Me.”

These are just some of the best reasons to love jazz. So if you haven’t heard Stardust, Fly Me to the Moon, Autumn in New York, or any of these hits from Jazz 24, it’s high time you did.

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