Skokie flooring trends go in and out of style, yet hardwood has remained a popular choice in the area for centuries. Many owners install hardwood flooring in Skokie, Illinois homes to create a warm, classic atmosphere. Wood fits well with any decorating theme. Suppliers like American Carpet Distributors offer wood flooring in a range of patterns and colors. Customers also choose wood because it is incredibly long lasting and retains its beauty for many decades.

Hardwood Creates Instant Elegance

Owners who want to create a stylish, traditional look often install hardwood flooring in Skokie, Illinois homes. Wood adds warmth that goes with any decor. Some customers choose wood because it tends to make rooms feel more spacious and elegant. The warmth of wood is also inviting and can make spaces feel homier. In fact, it is so appealing that homes with hardwood floors often sell faster and for more money than comparable properties with other types of materials.

There Are Hardwoods for Every Taste

Customers also choose hardwood because it is easy to find patterns and colors to fit every decorating taste. Woods can be as light as nearly white ash or as dark as almost-black oaks and chocolate-colored maples. As a result, hardwoods are often used to create specific atmospheres. Decorators may use the lighter, breezy shades for summer or waterfront homes. Owners often stain durable walnut boards for use in log cabins. Hardwoods are easily customized simply by choosing wider or narrower boards and staining the wood.

Durable Hardwood Is Easy to Maintain

Families often choose hardwood floors to minimize housekeeping and reduce indoor air pollution. It is very easy to keep hardwoods clean with simple sweeping and mopping. They do not trap or absorb irritants like bacteria, mold, dust, or pet hair the way other materials can. Most hardwood flooring is sealed during installation, so it will still look beautiful after years of heavy use. Even if floors are damaged, it is easy and affordable to restore them by replacing individual boards and refinishing surfaces.

Homeowners who want elegant flooring that stands up well to heavy use often install hardwoods. Wood offers variety, is easy to clean, and is one of the most durable flooring materials.

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