If you can read this, you’re most likely in the Western world, where practically every home and commercial building alike utilizes a plumbing system to draw in clean water and dispel waste. Homes within city limits have their plumbing systems linked to municipal water treatment plants that process raw sewage.

Those in rural areas don’t have such access. Instead, they source water from either municipalities or wells and then pump their home sewage to a septic system. While the system is designed to break down waste over time, large inputs to the system at once can cause the need to pump a holding tank now and again. Even a properly working septic system has a remaining sludge layer that needs pumping. Here’s how to know if your system is in need:

Has It Been a Few Years?

Every septic tank is a different size. All households have different levels of sewage output, too. As such, there is no standardized, general rule of thumb in terms of how much time passes to necessitate pumping. In most cases, though, they should be pumped annually or once every three years. If it’s been longer than three years, consider having the tank pumped – it’s as easy as looking for septic pumping service in Fayetteville.

Smelly Sinks, Tubs, Showers, or Entire Home?

Everyone knows what human excrement and urine smell like. If you smell either of these scents wafting directly up from any drain or throughout your home, it’s septic pumping time. Although candles, incense, and other household items can be used to cover up the nasty odor, putting off septic maintenance could result in big trouble.

Visible Ground-Level Water Accumulation near the Tank

If a septic tank is full, it won’t hold any liquid. Even if it’s simply getting close to being full, water will pass through it more quickly than it’s supposed to. This often results in the pooling of water at ground-level above or near the septic tank. In other words, if you see this, search around immediately for a septic pumping service in Fayetteville.

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