There’s nothing quite like shiny, new floors to bring the groove back to your home. With so many types of floors available, you can have your pick of the best in the lot. For a solid, durable choice, you can spring for terrazzo floors. It’s low maintenance and long-lasting so you can count on having the floors for years to come. Here are three things you should know before you buy these floors:

Hire pros to install the floors
DIY solutions do exist, however if you want to get this done faster in a much more convenient and efficient way, let a professional handle it. With a pro, you won’t just save time, you can expect great results. To get in touch with a terrazzo flooring installation experts, contact a company like Trend Terrazzo.

Use a commercial sealer
The best way to seal terrazzo floors, according to How Stuff Works is to use a commercial sealer. After that wait until the sealer dries up before you put on two more coats. Pick an acrylic floor finish for those coats. Next, wait for the wax to dry off before you buff away at the floor until it looks shiny and new.

Clean the floor regularly
You can use clean water, though an all purpose cleaner–one without harsh chemicals–might be a better choice. For a homemade cleaning solution, you can try mixing up one cup of fabric softener with a ½ gallon of water. Mop the floor with this solution and then dry it off. You can use terrycloth pads to buff it dry. If you get a film on your floors though, that could be residue from your cleaning solution. Mop the floor again, this time with water mixed in with vinegar. When the floor dries out, you’ll see it shine.

Getting the shiny, new floors you want is easy. Just ask help from pros and keep maintenance tips handy.

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